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We truly believe that every child is capable and deserving of reaching her or his full potential. Our mission is to provide tools and resources that empowers children to experience learning through creative expression, play and open-ended discovery.

Cubs Global Elc programs are filled with investigation, exploration and discovery. We introduces language, numeracy, science and social skills in a natural sequence to nourish learning one step at a time, with individual attention suited to a child’s unique need.
Our programs are designed to nurture holistic development of a child. Each day is packed with Cubs Moments with carefully designed activities structured around the developmental domains.

A yearly program for 3 years + children designed to spend four hours a day at school to learn literacy, numeracy (pre-math concepts), understanding the world around them, science, art & craft through child-initiated activities under the guidance of an experienced teacher. This program is based on research that proves children learn best through repetition and practice. It offers children a variety of activities within a carefully prepared indoor and outdoor environment. Students experience a sense of belonging in a caring learning environment that addresses their well-being.


A yearly program for 2 years + children specially designed in an informal warm and secured homely environment where we introduce different activities to develop their gross motor and fine motor skills, we also help kids to enhance their vocabulary through rhymes and stories. They are introduced to colours, shapes, objects, etc. We look forward to prepare them for further schooling, all in a relaxed and friendly environment.

A yearly program for 4 years + children designed to introduce literacy wherein they learn to read through jolly phonics and numeracy to learn math concepts and number values. Children explore natural resources through practical learning. Our program focuses on mastering kindergarten-level math, reading and science objectives. Our curriculum is based upon maximizing child’s potential through self-development programs like yoga, exercises, sports, recreation and field visits. Our teachers continuously work on creating relationships, dialogues, atmosphere of learning through matured, affectionate and stable mentoring.

A yearly program for 5 years + children to enrich them with rich, meaningful and balanced curriculum of skills and information through age-appropriate activities. Children develop literacy skills, numeracy skills, scientific skills & historical knowledge. They gain confidence and a feeling of self-worth; develop responsibility and independence, learn social skills such as listening and respecting people and resources, develop team work, build self-awareness and learn to be creative.

Our Day Care Centre, a home away from home, provides care, warmth and homely environment to toddlers, preschoolers, and school-aged children. It is designed for working parents who want their child to be served warm food, have a cozy noon nap, get playtime with peers, gets help in homework and can do extra co-curricular activities. Activity Centre essentially takes place outside a typical pen and pencil classroom experience. The aesthetic development like character building, spiritual and moral values, physical growth, creativity and many more are backed up with such activities.

Play As You Learn

Math & Logic

Number, Measurement, Spatial Awareness, Problem Solving, Data Handling

Language & literacy

Speaking and Listening , viewing and reading Representing and writing


Routine establishment, Independence, Focus, Attention span, Problem Solving Skills

General Awareness

Science Social Science Environmental science

Creative Expression

Music and movement , Creative art, Role play, Show and tell


Grossmotor skills, Fine Motor skills, Resilience

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Cubs Global Play School" Malviya Nagar, a Reggio Emilia inspired Preschool and Day Care. We are based at Malviya Nagar and offers very innovative infrastructure with an experiential and activity based curriculum with nature based teaching tools.A.C classrooms with CCTV and experienced, warm, and dedicated staff


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